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Friday, July 21, 2017

beauty door--best item--.All in one snail repair cream--Outstanding skin regenerating effect – 92% snail secretion filtrate Mucin from snail slime helps skin regeneration

<1>.All in one snail repair cream--

-Outstanding skin regenerating effect – 92% snail secretion filtrate
Mucin from snail slime helps skin regeneration. 

Fine wrinkle care by adenosine & peptide , certified for anti-aging
Adenosin and peptide certified for anti-aging give a skin firming effect. 
Blemish care
Improves acne scars and blemishes during continual use. 

Pore care
Beta-glucan, peptide, & green tea extract add a synergy effect to the snail slime extract’s skin firming effect, helping to tighten large pores by improving skin elasticity. 

Highly Recommended For:
-Acne scars
-Sensitive and tired skin due to environmental factors
-Skin pores losing elasticity
-Uneven dark skin tone
-Irritated skin from shaving or skin clinic procedures
-Fine wrinkles from losing moisture and elasticity
*Apply an appropriate amount onto cleansed face, patting until absorbed.

<2>Water volume aqua gel cream--
-[Differentiated Water]– AQUA DEEP MOIST FORMULA EX Differentiated in combination of water which is the most important process of making moisturizing cream. Provides outstanding moisturizing and relieving effect combining alaska glacial water, deep sea water, hita heaven water, and birch sap all together. -
[Delivering refreshing feeling ]– cooling effect

Gel-type light texture with refreshing feeling delivers cooling effect as soon as it touches skin. Controlling unbalanced skin temperature seen if the balance is broken. 
[Oil free] – fresh texture

Rich moisturizing cream with oil included, can cause trouble for oily and complexity skin type. Watermax aqua gel cream absorbed quickly and does not burden much on skin to fully fill with moisture 
[Skin relief]

[Witch Hazel Leaf Extract, watermelon extract, basil leaf extract, Nelumbo nucifera extract] Skin exposed to various harmful ingredients, UV rays and so on. Rough and sensitive vegetable active ingredients relieve skin and prevent various external skin protection  

Paraben ingredients
Apply an appropriate amount onto cleansed face, dabbing for absorption.

<3>Collagen 100--
Collagen 50% contained - highly concentrated solution Essential Factor Solution 
The most important factor for thick skin layer, collagen will help maintaining elasticity. Highly enriched marine collagen is a solution for aged and exhausted skin from external noxious environment.

Marine Collagen 
Collagen is a kind of inside of skin protein which is composed 70% of the inner skin but after the middle of 20th, collagen creation is decreased rapidly. As a result, skin metabolic is degenerated and lost elasticity and radiance.

Maintain skin elasticity - [Vitamin B5 / copper tripeptide-1] 
Copper tripeptide-1 and vitamin B5 add a synergy effect to improve skin elasticity.

Moisturizing- [hyaluronic acid/ allantoin/ trehalous/ birch tree sap] 
Hyaluronic acid, allantoin, trehalose, and birtch tree sap deliver deep hydration.

Creates skin protection film 
Raspberry, arnica flower, yarrow, gentianae, and portulaca extract form a skin-protecting film.
Artificial color,Artificial Aroma,Paraben ingredients
Apply an appropriate amount onto face after cleansing and dab until absorbed.

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